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The surname of one that fulfils every possible sexual need that a woman could ever desire with a minuscule amount of effort. There is no age limit on the level of Sex God. One can only decide himself as a sex god when his shoe size has reached 13 and he is truly a master of sexy time.
Bob made me scream in orgasmic fury last night, I'm still shaking in complete awe. He is truly one crazy ass Hasanic.
by THE mAn June 18, 2013

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"cool" or "dope" from Aaron Karo's ruminations, www.aaronkaro.com
For instance, one could say “Damn, those sneakers are gourmet!” or “That chick you took home last night had a gourmet ass.”
by The man April 12, 2004

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A tool used to measure volts in an electric current.
I used a voltmeter in science and got an A.
by The Man October 16, 2003

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When one can't stop shitting
Man I got Da Shits
by The Man July 23, 2001

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when you jack off so hard your penis goes numb.
i alakawakaed so hard i thought my dick fell off.
by the man March 18, 2005

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nigguh spelled backwards
Did you hear about the huggin running from the police?
by The man January 18, 2005

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a fat, stupid, obnoxious, drunk who ties shirts around his waste
Johny: Chris got drunk last night and caught an std in tijuana

Beak: Fucking toady head
by the man March 04, 2004

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