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1) the Roman numeral 9
2) a fictional planet in Frank Herbert's Dune
3) a hi-tech research facility in the Westwood Dune Games
4) a major character from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
5) a fictional region neighboring the Land of Oz and Noland
6) the central governmental supercomputer in Omikron - The Nomad Soul
1) Rocky Five Plus Rocky Four Equals... Rocky IX
2) The Ixians who inhabit the Ix are the ACME for the three Houses
3) Ix provides the capability to produce the Harkonen Devastator Tank
4) Take that whackypedia!
5) Ix is one of the locations where Queen Zixi of Ix and the movie The Magic Cloak of Oz take place
6) Omikronians are ruled by Ix. They are not Omicronians...
by The Magnificent Bloke March 07, 2008

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poor man's computer
Typewriter is the reason behind the least effective keyboard layout ever devised becoming a standard. Also known as QWERTY it is the primary source of fingerjams on a computer keyboard.
by The Magnificent Bloke July 18, 2008

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1. noun, describes a peasant in India or a person interested in the whole agricultural business with pitchforks and so forth. Also known as the cultivator of the soil(ed.)
Riots caused by ryots cost lots of money and lives.
by The Magnificent Bloke August 26, 2007

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Someone who overuses sarcasm to death.
NPC: I got through more jobs then you socks.
Intellectual: Really? Because you smell like you're wearing your only pair.
by The Magnificent Bloke September 14, 2007

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