9 definitions by The Lord

loved and respected by many..but hated by shitloads of egotistical siteops and nukers
*****.***.-JAGiSO was nuked 4x by *** wtf.is.this.piece.of.crap?
by The Lord September 09, 2003
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The Dirty Whore is the most preverted whore you can find. The Dirty Whore will absolutly need and will demand to get rammed hard and deep in her fucking street whore ass. This kind of whore will also request a good ass to mouth before she gets finised by slapping you cock in her Dirty Whore face spraying her with hot stinky cum.
Very close to the nasty whore.
Man! Last night I meet this Dirty Whore!
You can't belive how dirty this fucking whore was. She first ask me to fuck her dry up in the street whore ass, and then after several ass to mouth I was about to cum..then she suddently ask me to fuck her throat violently like if I was fucking her mother! She finally ask me to clean her dirty face by pieing on her...what I evidenly did as a gentelmen.
by The Lord May 18, 2005
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