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Malcolm X (born Malcolm Little May 19, 1925 – February 21, 1965 – also known as: Detroit Red, El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, and Omowale) was an American spokesman for the Nation of Islam. Malcolm X was the founder of the Muslim Mosque, Inc. and the Organization of Afro-American Unity.

One of the most prominent black nationalist leaders born in the United States. As a militant leader, Malcolm X advocated black pride, economic self-reliance, and identity politics. He ultimately rose to become a world renowned Pan-Africanist and human rights activist. Malcolm X was assassinated in New York City on February 21, 1965 on the first day of National Brotherhood Week.
"To take one's 'X' is to take on a certain mystery, a certain possibility of power in the eyes of one's peers and one's enemies ... The 'X'; announced what you had been and what you had become: Ex-smoker, Ex-drinker, Ex-Christian, Ex-slave." - Malcom X
by The Lemon Hunter October 25, 2005
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1. Being so clumsy and uncoordinated, Max was never too fond of P.Ein school.
2. Joe was unhappy with his penis size and he contemplated on a PE to improve his confidence.
by The Lemon Hunter June 26, 2005
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1. A pregnant single woman who brought a class action challenging the constitutionality of the Texas criminal abortion laws.

2. Roe v. Wade - sparked a decades-long national debate over whether or when abortion should be legal; the role of the Supreme Court in constitutional adjudication; and the role of religious views in the political sphere. Roe v. Wade became one of the most politically significant Supreme Court decisions in history, reshaping national politics, dividing the nation into "pro-choice" and "pro-life" camps, and inspiring grassroots activism.
Roe v. Wade, Surpeme Court (1973)
by The Lemon Hunter November 03, 2005
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1. Widely known both in a positive and negative fashion:
Ex. The fruit cakewas a very popular brand although it did not compare with her homemade recipe.
by The Lemon Hunter June 26, 2005
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1. Not socially inept.
2. One who is extremely interested and knowledgeable about computers, electronics, technology, and gadgets.
3. A person with an unusual or odd personality.
1. The boy stuttered geekishly while trying to meet new people at the party.
2. Being on the robotics team and whiz in computer class, Charlie was known around school as a geek.
3. She was acting like a complete geek when she snorted when she laughed.
by The Lemon Hunter June 26, 2005
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When you grab the bottom of the shoelace and pull on it so the entire shoe tightens up. Causing an inconvienence to the victim.
Julia had to take off her shoe and fix her laces because her sister gave her a shoe wedgie.
by The Lemon Hunter July 08, 2005
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