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George is the best person imaginable. His best match starts with H, K, & S and end with L, N, and A. He will first become your friend and then your best friend and then you will fall in love with him. You get so close to being together and then you will push him away because you don't want to ruin the incredible friendship you share, but then one day it will hit you that you're actually in love with him and you cant survive another day in your life without him. Once going out with a George you will never have an unhappy day if it's spent with or talking to him. He will treat you like a princess and will make you feel so comfortable and amazing that you become dependant on him and you miss him every second you're not with him. You will make plans for the future and spend days laughing hysterically together, being completely in love with each other. If you have yourself a George make sure to keep them.
Look it’s George!
You’re dating George? Lucky!!
by The KeIIy July 22, 2019
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