3 definitions by The K Doggie

A goodbye given to any unwanted, irritating, or disliked person. Starting as a referance to the character Felicia in the movie Friday.
When she finally left we all said "bye Felicia".
by The K Doggie January 14, 2015
An Iron Thunder waitress commonly known as a "Thunder Girl"
Traits include being attractive, outspoken, confident, flirty, talkative, like to drink alcohol, and a mean steak. Must have the ability to "go flip mode" at the drop of a hat.
The Thunder Girls were wilder than usual on bike night.
Tater is my favorite Thunder Girl.
by The K Doggie August 22, 2013
LongView Zoo is the name for a strip club which will hire ANY applicant. No matter what their looks, weight or ability to dance.

You look around and see zoo animals as dancers.
Went to the Longview Zoo lastnight and saw 2 elephants, an aranguntan, and a yak.
by The K Doggie August 22, 2013