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Marina Lambrini Diamandis, her stage name being "Marina and the Diamonds" is an alternative indie pop musician. Many often make the mistake of thinking Marina is the lead singer, and "the Diamonds" are the band, like Florence and the Machine. Though this is inaccurate information. "The Diamonds" refers to Marina's fans. We are the Diamonds.

Marina is an amazingly talented musician and lyricist. And she's gorgeous. I knew I was a lesbian after watching her music video for "Oh No!" She's so hawt.
Marina and the Diamonds is the best! Her album "The Family Jewels" is amazing! "Numb" is one of the best songs I've heard in a looooooong time.
by The Joking Quace of Sparts December 20, 2010
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"bush mug" is a term coming from tumblr originating from blog user psyducker.
it started when this user posted the sentence "if you send me continue to send me asks even if i ignore then you’re a"--

**picture of a bush**
**picture of a coffee mug**

this post sparked much confusion and irritation among every single tumblr user who has anything to say about it. notes overflowing with "i've been staring at this for 43 minutes and do not understand" and "leaf cup? bush cup? moss mug? i do not understand" and "i've been seeing this goddamn fucking post all over my dash and still no not under stand what the fuck it's supposed to mean"

the meaning has evolved from whatever the originally intended meaning was, and now it is meant to be entirely ambiguous and is mostly used for humorous affect because nobody really has any idea what you're calling them. it might be a compliment but it might be an insult and so you're left to just stand there like "wha?? a bush... mug? i'm sorry???" someone familiar with the term would understand that it is meant to be ambiguous and you're not supposed to know, so they may reply in calling you something like a "shrubbery cup."
A: hey, i been checking out your new haircut. you kinda look like a bush mug now.
B: what?
A: i said you're looking like a bush mug.
B: is that good?
A: it's like a shrubbery cup.
B: what are you talking about?
A: ugh, you're such a leafy goblet.

C: y'know you're kinda a bush mug.
D: well you're a fucking shrubbery cup so go shit yourself.
C: hey buddy, i meant no harm. i meant bush cup as in a moss beaker.
D: ohh why didn't you say so?!

E: heh heh... you're a bush mug...
F: imma pop you you fucking twat
by The Joking Quace of Sparts September 07, 2013
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The number that comes after 68 and before 70.
Kid 1: Hey, let's play hide-and-go-seek!
Kid 2: Okay! I'll start counting! 1, 2, 3...
67, 68, 69... 99, 100! Ready or not, here I come!
by The Joking Quace of Sparts December 20, 2010
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The best singer ever. Such a beautiful voice, it has the power to mend the most shattered of broken hearts. Regina sings about life, and her characters. Her music isn't limited to her own experiences, and her own life, but rather like a true poet, Regina the poet and Regina's characters are *not* one in the same.

Regina Spektor takes extremely depressing topics and sings them in upbeat and quirky tones. An example being "Dance Anthem of the 80's" Regina sings about an adolescent girl whose life has been consumed by sex, to the point where it is all she really knows. Another example is "Chemo Limo" which has a chorus sung so fast it doesn't even sound like English anymore, yet the song is about a mother who has been diagnosed with cancer. Regina's upbeat tone in these songs emphasizes grief in what they're about.

All in all, Regina Spektor is amazing. She is a fine artist, and in my opinion, the best artist that has ever made music in the alternative genre, and-- also in my opinion-- in any genre.
Oh my God, I have fallen in love with Regina Spektor. Love love love love love. I love her.
by The Joking Quace of Sparts December 20, 2010
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Suburban kids are kids who have rich parents that are raking in at least 400 thousand dollars a year, and they go to either their preppy suburban white schools, or they're in private schools. They're all basically the same: the girls are super girly, and the guys are preppy. They listen to music such as Paramore, Green Day, and Katy Perry. They are all under the impression that their lives are terrible, and they hate their parents. They have cell phones that their parents pay for, and typically don't get their first job until they're eighteen or nineteen. Suburban kids expect their parents to just give them money for no reason. And their parents usually do so. Suburban kids are also typically Christian or Catholic and never learn to think for themselves. The suburban girls play soccer or volleyball and the suburban boys play baseball or soccer.
I hate suburban kids. They suck and know nothing about the world, nor do they care.
by The Joking Quace of Sparts January 23, 2011
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