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The deliberate causing of political division and civil strife in order to generate faction support , thereby gaining or maintaining power.
With all due respect, Mr Chairman, I believe the Senator is just vote fracking.
by The Infamous Din February 08, 2015

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Acronym for, "Bursting Out Laughing."
bol - Milk just came out of my nose.
by The Infamous Din May 30, 2013

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I'm laughing with you; not at you.
We both know what you meant to say. LwU_!@U
by The Infamous Din July 01, 2019

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concatenation of establish and tabulate; to establish by tabulation.
My friend, Paul, estabulated a new physical constant.
by The Infamous Din February 16, 2018

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online ex-girlfriend, or online ex-boyfriend
My ox has found a local boy, and tells me all about him.
by The Infamous Din May 20, 2017

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