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1.) A woman/man that you have been lusting over, but too shy to confront, or, she/he seemed to look like the perfect person, untill you lose interest and see how shitty they are.
Person A: I'm gonna talk with becky...

Person B: No man, she's my ex-crush...

Person A: I still don't understand what you're saying, i mean, she's beautiful.

Person B: She'll use her good looks to draw you in, she's casting her line.

A: Whatever man, I'm going after her...

(The relationship lasts 4 weeks before she calls it quits. A is a bitter person during and a little bit after the relationship.)

Person B: And what was the lesson that we learned today?

Person A: You're right, she's a hoe, and i understand why you classified her as your ex-crush. Let us not speak about this moment ever again.
by The Heartless SOB710 November 20, 2014

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If you are on the Maury show, and as your head is producing a shower of sweat, to hear those words is like dodging a bullet Maxtrix style. You gloat and probably dance around while that hoe breaks down in tears and runs off to the backstage area to cry harder and sometimes louder.
"In the case of 7th month old child Shauna, Jason, you are NOT the father."

*She breaks down in tears and runs off backstage while Jason does a Michael Jackson impersonation and yells, "THE KID IS NOT MY SON!!!"*
by The Heartless SOB710 October 18, 2014

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1.) A woman who is in the middle of a group of males masturbating until the group of males let loose their liquidity children all over that said woman's face, booty, mouth or anytype of suface that's on the said girl.
Guy 1: "Hey, what should I know about this girl?"

Guy 2: "Well, she takes cum-baths two times a week, so, that would make her clean, right?"
by The Heartless SOB710 July 12, 2014

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1.) A person completing a fearful goal.

2.) A man who has a silver covered testie.

3.) A man keeping his cool after being kicked, really hard, in the Balls
1.) Frank: "Did you hear what Trevor just did?"

Alex: "No, what?"

Frank: "He walked into a haunted house. yelled, "I think that ghosts are pussies!!! I have balls of steel!"

Alex: "What happened to him?"

Frank: "I don't know, he didn't come out."

2.) "You might not know this, but I have a ball of steel."

"Prove it"

"I'll walk through the metal detector, I bet you 40$ that it'll ring or go off."

3.) "Dan, you ok?"

"Yea, I've been kicked so many times in the balls, i have balls of steel."
by The Heartless SOB710 July 12, 2014

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This pharse holds two meanings 'pending on the way you say it & and the tone.

Passive tone: You really care about what he/she said, but couldn't understand that person because that person was mumbling or talking in a inaudible way.

Passive-Aggressive Tone: That person might've pissed you off from just that instant, or from annoyance/anger built up to a point.

If they talk shit behind your back & if you have a personality that would like to end things as soon as they begin, the next time you see him/her, (if you're a female,) It would be an instant fight.
"So, I heard that you're sleeping with Michael's wife.,,"

"And who told you?!?"

"Steven, whoa man, you look like you're about to wreck someone's shit."

"No, I just wanna talk to him...."


"I just wanna talk to him, what? Is that a sin?"

"Well no, but you have a look of murder in your eyes.."

"I'm fine, I can't say the same for Steven..."
by The Heartless SOB710 April 12, 2015

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When a person awakes from his/her's slumber and starts talking to a person without brushing his/her's mouth. Their breath smells so bad, if you are unlucky to talk with them, It either smells like...

A.) Someone curled up, and died in their mouth.

B.) Ate a mouthful of horseshit before they walked out of the door that day.

Or C.) Smells so rank, that it blew you away.
"Hey, not to sound creepy or anything, but Kathy had a case of morning-breath."

"Really, what did it smell like?"

"Why are you curious, It smelled like if a animal made out of manure crawled in her mouth and died."

"Sounds like she could use a tic-tac."

by The Heartless SOB710 July 20, 2014

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The word, "Dinosaur-Riding" which came from College Humor, is the act of having intercourse with a semi-conscious person who then passes-out due to the amount of alcohol in his system. If his "Solider" Is on high attention, the female, in her drunken & horny mood-state will still use him for his body and nothing else...since he's knocked-out & all...It'll be great for her in the time being....and he won't remember a slight bit of it.....until the morning after, when he wakes up to a headache and a random chick he hooked up with last night...
*Nick & Becky sloppily kiss while they making their way to Nick's bed, they also take off articles of clothing. Nick falls on the bed first, while Becky slowly gets on top of him. Nick belched away from her before advancing, then he begins to slowly close his eyes. Becky says to Nick, "Don'T you go Asleep now..." She says in a drunken-slur, "W-, w-, wait, I'm feelin'...good...but...I'm feelin' kinda tired...i don't know why?" Says Nick. after 5-minutes of fore-play, Nick passes out...but his "Solider" is in high attention, Becky gets an idea and gains a mischievous look on her face...Happy Dinosaur-Riding , Nick...
by The Heartless SOB710 November 15, 2015

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