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Upward Bound Math and Science. Math camp done in band camp style. Summer school for smart kids. Held in multiple universities and colleges around the country. However the best one is held at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan. The Marquette UB(R)MS is a five week college-prepatory summer program involving courses in English, Math, Foreign Language, Science, and other useful (ha!) courses. Its also a place where kissing your girlfriend or moving a table to have a footrest gets you in trouble. Its also a place where borrowing a TV out of one of the other rooms is perfectly acceptable, so long as the wrong T.C. didn't catch you (or you had inside help). It's also a place where video game equipment and most electronics are banned, but when the R.D. and the two male T.C.'s walk into your room (which has like 15 people in it at this point), they marvel at the projector you have set up. You can stay up all night, and the problem on no sleep is solved when you shotgun an energy drink with your best friends. Its also a place where a T.C. will join you.
The (R) stands for Regional, because the program used to involve high school students from Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan. However, the state of Michigan forced the program to de-regional-ize (just made that up), thus the R is in parentheses for those of us who remember the good old days. The (R) also stands for Rawesome, and once they dropped it the program went down the gutter.
Elliott: Where are you going this summer?
Clarissa: UB(R)MS.
Elliott: What's that?
Clarissa: It's summer school for smart kids.
Elliott: Doubt I could go then.
by The Great Boom a.k.a. Jerry August 17, 2008

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