2 definitions by The Gardener in Fairy Tales

Some mistakes are costlier than others
Some mistakes can be repeated
Some mistakes should only be done once
Some mistakes should have never been made,
Because one time would be too many.

The mistake that costs lives
The mistake that forever leaves imprint in their heart and mind.
Those kind of mistakes, should have never been made.

It's Done.
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I don't have anything but sincerity and love
And my love is not enough.

I don't have anything but straightforwardness and care
And nobody cares if I care.

Okay I should stop my thought here.

I should learn to accept reality
I should learn to view reality at a more beautiful angle under kaleidoscope glasses
It's not perfect but it's good enough
To make you appreciate life.
I don't
I do
by The Gardener in Fairy Tales January 26, 2022
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