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A mean, spiteful old woman that likes to constantly reprimand/torture the younger portion of the human race. Usually associated with witches and strict librarians.
"That old hag kicked me out just 'cause I was talking to Johnny about my project!"
by The Eavesdropper February 18, 2008

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1. Sort of like a crude synonym for "thunk", it is a very rough, illiterate term to hit or brutishly yet carelessly cuff them with the side of a hand or fingertip.

2. A Thwomp is one of the classic Mario Bros, usually found in the Bowser Castles. They come in various different sizes, and are enemies that cannot be defeated at all with neither a jump, Koopa shell, or fireball. If Mario comes near, then it comes crashing down on the designated spot. The best way Mario can get past it is to run/dodge while the angry, strained-looking Thwomp is in the process of moving back up to it's original spot.
1. I swear, if that dude comes near me one more time, I'll thwomp him right on the head!!

2. I had just barely managed to dodge that Thwomp before it came crashing down again, but then, the time to complete that level had just run out.
by The Eavesdropper February 01, 2008

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Originating in the Northeast region of the United States, the slang term "butter" refers to an item or situation that is considered 'cool' or pleasing to the eye. Sometimes, one might use the term "churned butter" to indicate something that is especially cool or pleasing to the eye. These two slang terms aren't very popular yet and can sometimes be used to be sarcastic or while making a corny joke.
"Dude, look at my science project!"
"Ooh, that is SO butter!"
by The Eavesdropper January 31, 2008

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