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Clearly one of the greatest adverbs in the English language. Can be used at the start or tacked onto the end of absolutely any - and I mean ANY - sentence for emphasis, adding that extra-special pretentious feeling that one desires in one's speech. Used particularly when the speaker would like to make the person being addressed feel that what is being said is purely common knowledge and that they are utterly retarded for not already knowing it or for disagreeing with it.
Clearly, you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
by The Domo February 28, 2005
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Ones who are hobos together, particularly Sara and The Domo.
Domo: "At least if we're together... I know I'm not going to end up a hobo on the street, or something."
Sara: "Well, we can be hobos together."
Domo: "Haha... hobos together... We can be hobgethers."
Sara: "HOBGETHERS!? ::hysterical laughter::"
by The Domo February 11, 2005
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Sara and The Domo just love them. They're, like, the cutest animals, ever.
"I just LOVE BUNNIES!!! They're like the cutest animals EVAR!!!"
by The Domo February 8, 2005
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Something that is so incredibly awful and stupid that it becomes awesome in its crappiness. Particularly used for music but can be applied otherwise.
by The Domo February 11, 2005
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Something Aaron develops when accused of being a Hufflepuff rather than a Gryffindor.
Aaron: Well, everyone knows I'm obviously a Gryffindor, and you... ::thinks::
The Domo: Pfft, yeah, whatever, you're totally a Hufflepuff.
Aaron: ::cries and storms off to the bathroom::
Allen: Aaron has an emotional bone.
Randy: ...And he needs to go to the bathroom to take care of it?
by The Domo February 26, 2005
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n.) A cop, or a cop's car.

vt.) For a cop to pull over someone or otherwise.

vi.) To be pulled over by a cop or otherwise.

Named for Yale Security Service, whose company vehicles closely resemble police cars, and the security guards driving these seem to be aware of this. Can be easily mistaken as such, and used to scare the shit out of Matt at 2am.
1.) That Yale was a total dick.

2.) Dude, that cop just totally Yaled that guy.

3.) On the way home, I saw like seven people getting Yaled.

4.) I got really scared when I thought a cop was following me, but it turned out it was just a Yale.

5.) Haha, we totally fooled Matt into thinking that Yale was a cop. Watch out for that Yale! The Yale is glaring at you! Don't do anything in front of the Yale!
by The Domo February 8, 2005
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