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Wolfspeak is a 'language' used by animal roleplayers. Some words have other meanings, while others are purely made up. Below I have listed common wolfspeak words.

femora -- female
fae -- female
fatale -- female
brujo/brute -- male
oculars -- eyes
optics -- eyes
femme/fem -- female
mascu -- male
tassel -- tail
banner -- tail
occuli/oculi -- eye, eyes
aud -- ear
pillar -- leg
orb -- eye
brute -- male
crania/cranium -- head
crown -- head
tiara -- head
nape -- neck
mug -- muzzle
velveteen -- muzzle (horse)
talon -- hoof
kissers -- lips
nare -- nostril
high-wires -- ear
A large fae padded up to the brute with strong pillars, dipping her crania in respect. Auds were alert, optics gazing into the brujo's own.

Traslation: A large female trotted up to the male with strong legs, dipping her hea din respect. Ears were alert, eyes gazing into the male's.
by The Dancing GrassHopper August 31, 2004