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The best religion of them all.

God has the power and he will save you as long as you believe in him! God, along with his crucified son Jesus will try to make peace on the Earth.

Though this beautiful mission is very hard to fulfill because of another very idiotic religion, who brainwashes its followers, called islam! The mission will be fulfilled.

Islam is the source of all bad on the Earth. It results in terrorism and every muslim (a follower of Islam) is a terrorist - sadly enough!

Allah (the god of islam) is worshiped like the christian god (God), but they are not the same because the do not repersent the same qualities! God is beautiful, Allah is satan!

Islam and Christianity will never agree with each other.
This hostility has resulted in many wars throughout the history of humanity.

Don't be fooled by islam!

God will help you the trough hard times! He will be grateful if you are grateful of his presence. God will love you if you love him!

If christianity "ruled" the world - there would a peace!
"Christianity is beautiful"

"Terrorists is alway muslims"
by The Crusader of God's true luv November 05, 2011

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