4 definitions by The Cougar Hunter

A woman aged 35 and up who can compete with younger women for the younger man. She is a woman who ATTRACTS younger men. A cougar is independent, well groomed, and sophisticated with a body that competes with a 24 year old. She is fit and leads an active life. She does not "prey" on younger men, and she does not have to be single. A cougar is not a MILF. A cougar is graceful, and aging more slowly than other women their age.
Jennifer "Cougar" Aniston, Cindy "Cougar" Margolis, Halle "Cougar" Berry, Heidi "cougar" Klum
by The Cougar Hunter March 22, 2010
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When your mate picks up at cougar at the club and vanishes without a trace
Where is Coops? Nar don't worry boys he has done a cougdini.
by The Cougar Hunter June 16, 2016
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Whilst licking a females arse, you lean forward and blow your nose in her vagina releasing snot inside her.
Hey Amber, I have not been well lately can I grab a fishy tissue?
by The Cougar Hunter January 11, 2016
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A bad smell coming for a females vagina.
Hey boys, I picked up last night but fuck me she had a woffty box .
by The Cougar Hunter June 17, 2016
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