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Ok, DO NOT listen to the retard above me, Viking Metal is not suicide music, it's not even close to that stuff, why would they name something like that "VIKING" metal?? Idiot

Viking Metal is good stuff, you guys should check out some Amon Amarth, viking metal is worth a listen
Guy 1- Hey dude checked out some viking metal yet?
Guy 2- Yep, it owns
by The Clown November 16, 2005

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Ok this is getting annoying, why can't all you slipknot haters go and fuck yourself, stop fuckin bashing slipknot alkright? I am a fan, I am not what that faggot "Priestandmaidenrule" don't you people get it? People have fuckin opinions you know! Dont bash peoples fans that is uncalled for, people saying slipknot is the bnest band on the planet, well of course we know you slipknot hating faggots are not going to agree, but it's THEIR opinion, if you have come to this site to fuckin bash bands on this site then you need to get a fuckin life, slipknot is NOT the best band on this planet, and yes there ARE better bands out there, what's your fuckin point? Not everything you listen to has to be fuckin popular, I listen to fuckin Opeth, Arch Enemy, In Flames, Slayer and more bands, are they better than Slipknot? Yes, but that doesn't mean shit, not every band you listen to has to be a draw on how good they are, I know the bands I have mentioned are better, so what? Why don't you anti slipknot faggots go kill yourself

Some faggot- Slipknot sucks, they are whorshipped by a bunch of 13 year olds blah blah blah

Me- Shut the fuck up and get a fuckin life
by The Clown November 09, 2005

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