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very pretty, loud. outgoing. she loves to be around people, she isn't very big on shopping but when she does her clothes are always so pretty and look good on her. she has low self-esteem. she gets attached to guys easily which isn't always the best. LOVES ORANGE. she is about average height, with brown hair, and brown eyes. she makes new friends quickly. she hates to run but likes to go outside. she doesn't like the ocean very much even tho its right down the street. she is one of the nicest people you'll meet, but she can be a bitch when she needs to be. she will stick up for what she believes in and its hard for you to change her mind. She gets along with different variety's of people. she can always help you with problems when you got them, and she is one of the best people to trust. she loves animals, mainly dogs. she likes to volunteer a lot and help out. she doesn't really like cleaning. she is book smart, but needs to work on her street smart with guys. she wont have a problem with you unless you give her a good reason 2. she doesn't like when people put just a 'U', she likes to correct people on spelling also. you can never go wrong with an emmy . she is lovable, wild, and friendly <3
Anthony: Emmy is the best girlfriend I've ever had.
Steven : Why'd you let her go man?
Anthony: I'm a dumbass and let the best thing ever go...

by The Bestfriend loves emmy July 20, 2011

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