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Most are extremely immature and they do not think that a mature clean cut man who is going places is good enough for them; when really these clean cut men are too good for them. These girls think they’re better then everyone else and think the world revolves around them. They will accept all most any low class scum bag that treats them like a stray dog. They will wear yoga pants to show off their ass because they know that’s all they bring to the table. Think they’re cute? And one of them catches you looking at them you’re “creepy”. Don’t play sports? You’re not good enough for them. Don’t even try asking one out… they’re way too immature to handle it they can’t just consider you and say “yes” or “No I’m not interested, sorry! “And leave it there. They got to go around telling other immature high school girls that you asked them on a date; now you’re considered “creepy” because you’re not good enough for them. Stay away from High School girls! Wait till they grow up because they’re the most immature girls I have ever seen.
Clean cut man #1 " I've been talking to one of those hot high school girls in my study hall and I think I'm gonna ask her out to dinner!"

Clean cut man #2 "NO don't do that ! she's gonna call you creepy and a stalker because you don't play sports and you're not good enough for her. That is what they think of us! Trust me I asked one out to dinner last year!"

Clean cut man #1 "Wow what a bitch, I'm definitely not gonna fall for that buffoonery!"
by The Bar owner March 23, 2014
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