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One hormonal teenage boy, dressed up in fake Adidas and Argos jewellery with a pregnant girlfriend who turned 12 last week. Typically living in a council house in Croydon, with yobbish mates who like to hang around outside McDonald's and mug old ladies for entertainment.

There you have the epitome of a chav.
Chav Speak:~

by The Aristocratic Rebel August 31, 2008

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Angst-ridden hormonal teenagers who cannot control their moodswings.

They typically like to 'express themselves' with black skinny jeans, black ripped band tshirts, black eye makeup, black whatever...

There is not much expression to be made, however, as half of all decent, middle-class kids from the South of England are dressing exactly the same.
A well-off, well-adjusted, perfectly happy teen will throw themselves into a frenzy of dodgy rock music, tight clothing and wannabe guitar riffs in order to show how hard their small insignificant lives really are and prove to their friends how 'emo' they are.
by The Aristocratic Rebel August 31, 2008

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