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Has some deeper than normal connection to riding horses and doing horse related things since a young age. The reason as to why someone can be so connected to riding horses is not completely clear, perhaps it is due to sexual arousal from repeated vagina on jostling saddle contact. Normally quiet, introverted, socially awkward girls. Not nerdy in the traditional term of videogames, anime, internet, etc. Nerdy in the sense of odd hobbies. There is a high likelihood of being catholic or religious. This overall describes a very vanilla and bland person, so horse related hobbies largely define this person's character in totality. Overall, they can be mildly attractive personally and physically but not more than average.
Of course personal variations occur between all horse girls.
Person 1: Hey, have you met (generic white girl name)?
Person 2: Yeah, she wouldn't really talk much, kinda awkward too... I struggled to talk to her about anything... I noticed she mentioned something about horses and had some horse related apparel.

Person 1: I know, (generic white girl name) is probably a horse girl, just look how undefined and innocent she is.
Person 2: Totally vanilla.
by The #1 Defenestrator September 13, 2017

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Noun. (defenestration) the act of throwing something or someone out of a window
Verb. (defenestrate) to throw something or someone out of a window
The different degrees of defenestration correspond with the number of floors the victim has to fall.
from latin:
(defenestration from three stories)
Tyrone: Woah! Jaheed's so angry he just threw dat' ho out da' window!
La-a:AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! (splat)
Jaheed: Defenestration in da' third degree ho'!
Sometimes a suicide by jumping out of a window isn't really suicide but actually defenestration to commit murder.
by The #1 Defenestrator January 24, 2013

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