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a meterosexual male,(100% british beef) who wears shirts that resemble grandmothers curtains. Only to be made unimaginably worse by making these curtains florescent colours!...(such shirts can be obtained in all local homeware shops!) The result being that he is visible to all man,so much so, that the lebanons can see him from beirut and think its a sign from god!
Said man, thinks this is such a good look that it gives him the unbelievable power to pull every bit of skirt that may cross his path!
Said man, suffers from dillusions. We have come to the conclusion that the glare, from his grandmothers hideous curtains, (which he insists on wearing a> because for some bizarre reason unbeknown to anyone, he actually thinks he looks cool, and b> because its Hugo Boss dont ya know!! And dont for one second let the thought that it might be some of topshops cheap shit cross your mind for a second!) has had a profound affect on what very little brain matter he may have had in the first place. And lets face it, there cant have been that much to start with, if he actually thought it was a good idea to even consider wearing the thing in the first place! A curt, a rare and utterly unbelievable, and inexplicable race of bad taste people. (also known as Southern, shandy drinking, fairy bastrads!)
A curt, the guy who thinks its cool to walk round barcelona wearing a pair of his grandma's old curtains.
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