2 definitions by That hot chick

Slutty pictures on the walls of an abercrombie store. Often making out men and women or just men. Often naked models with large gentiles and muscular/curvy figures. A.K.A. Child or adult pornography.
Guy 1: Look at that hot A&F models boobs. I'm so horny and turned on!!
Guy 2: Holy crap! I just wanna shove my face in that little skinny girls boobs!
Guy 3: I wish I was that guy model who is groping and French kissing that women model!
Guy 4: That's abercrombie & fitch sex for you!
by That hot chick January 27, 2014
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Loosely worn clothing. Often to big or to small. Used as a sexual way. To attracted by showing parts of your body.
Look! I can see that curvy girls boobs because her bikini is is loose! Man do I want to f**k her bad, so bad I'm getting hard just thinking about it! Oh I just love skimpy clothing!
by That hot chick January 27, 2014
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