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Any pairing of japanese blades in a long-short pair - traditionally a katana and wakizashi, but any long and short blades crafted as a set can be considered a daisho
The samurai carried a perfectly crafted daisho
by Tharrick D'Entremont September 13, 2004

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Another name for the longsword, so called because the style in which it is used is a 'bastard' hybrid of one and two handed fighting. The weapon is light enough that it can be used in one hand, but the hilt is long enough that a second hand can be added for additional power. Also called a hand-and-a-half sword
Somewhere between the short sword and the greatsword lies the bastard sword.
by Tharrick D'Entremont September 16, 2004

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A Role-Playing Game is a game in which you create a character and have relative freedom in choice. The best RPGs are tabletop/pen-and-paper style, closely followed by those run on IRC channels, because computer RPGs are incredibly limited in choice due to the relatively small amount of information they can contain.

Contrary to popular belief, the more recent games in the Final Fantasy series were not RPGs as such, because you had very little control over the storyline, and the character. I'm not sure at this point in time what genre they were, but despite the level-up system, the games weren't RPGs.
Dungeons and Dragons is a perfect sword/sorcery style RPG, while Spycraft fits the bill for anyone interested in espionage.
by Tharrick D'Entremont September 15, 2004

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