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A phrase commonly used by men of power such as President of the United States which usually means that no matter what I say it will not be the truth. Mostly used when the truth is too unacceptable and may reveal their corruptive actions and total lack of leadership.
"Let me be clear, the prisoners used in exchange for Bergdahl will never return to the fight against the United States"
by Texas Beezler January 30, 2015

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A 3 foot line of crystal meth equal to 1 yard.
I did a line earlier, oh my God it was so good, oh wow, I did a line, but not just any line, it was a super long line, it was the length of a shardstick. Is there an ice pick sticking out the back of my head?
by Texas Beezler August 18, 2014

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When Pandora only plays a partial of a multi-song track that is meant to play together as one long suite, killing the entire experience.
I love listening to Pandora until they commit Pandoracide by playing Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of The Moon' and ripping that bitch up in pieces.
by Texas Beezler August 18, 2014

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A fictional porn star that if she did exist would be a great story of an American hero. Her story would be of the struggle of the suburban downtrodden geek who overcomes her obstacles to eventually becoming one of the biggest porn stars in the world. Its a heart warming biography with vision and love that will leave you filled up inside. It's a perfect role model for all who need something for that deep hole we all have. But it will especially touch the dyslexic. Because no one knows the painful bullying of dyslexia like Lana Wolf.

Look for her story to come out and touch all of us one way or another..
She is a fictional character but her story will be told someday.
One of the loudest over comers of large obstacles is none other than Lana Wolf.
by Texas Beezler September 16, 2016

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