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The reason Hitler wanted to get rid of scum (Jews) was because he saw them as a threat to his Third Reich and to his New World Order. He created the Nazi party as a way to protect the White race from its main enemy (Jews), Not Negroes because without the Jew the Negro is nothing. Since Jews envy the fact that Whites (Europeans) are rulers of the world. They have tried and till this day still are trying ANYTHING to destroy this race and take their place are rulers of the world. If there were no Jews on earth, then Nazism would never exist because there would be no threat to the Whites and the world will be a much better, saner, and more secure place. In case you don't know, Jews have always being bastards throughout history.
The Jews are race manipulators and nation-wreckers. They have being expelled from just about every single European nation because of their malevolence and evil nature. They use their intelligence for derogatory purposes.
They are responsible for wrecking and mongrelizing Ancient Egypt.
They are responsible for wrecking the Roman Empire.
They are responsible for murdering 600,000,000 Whites. In 1930 33% of the world was White or Caucasian. ow is about 7% and dropping. Now the Jews are trying ANYTING to bring that 7% to a 0%.
There was no Holocaust. The Jews are liars. The Nazis murdered about 1 million and a half million people. Most of them Jews. Not 6 million. If it was 6 million then the Nazis would have to killed 1370 Jews every day non-stop for 12 years from 1933-1945. Which is nearly impossible since the crematoriums operated 12 hours a day and you need to sleep.
The reason why Jews make people believe in this Holohoax is because It shields them from any criticism over their political, economic, and social behavior. It is instrumental in raising immense sums of "guilt money", especially from the German government. It justifies aid to the state of Israel totaling almost $10 billion dollars per year from various sources. Israel has received almost $70 billion dollars in assorted "Holocaust reparations" and the ante is growing every year. It is clearly in the interest of Israel and the Jewish people to keep the (SCAM) going.
if you still believe in this SCAM read the 40 Questions on the Holocaust
http:// compuserb.com/ germandefenseleague/ holopov.htm
They are responsible for the September 11 attacks. No Israeli national working in any of the World Trade Center Buildings was killed in the blasts! This completely defies the laws of probability, since almost 500 foreign nationals from 70 countries were killed that day and we all know how prominent Israelis are in the field of international finance. In fact, the 911 emergency switchboards were inundated by calls from over 4000 worried Israeli citizens that day. Oh, yes, there were three Israelis killed that day, but one was a visitor to the WTC and the other two were (why, one wonders) on planes that crashed. There are certain disturbing facts surrounding the actual events of September 11, 2001 for example, the dancing Israelis and the bomb materials found in their van (or vans?), the (strangely precise) way in which the WTC buildings collapsed, and the miraculous Passover of Israelis working in the WTC.
The Jews needed 9-11 so they can send America to war with Afghanistan and then Iraq. (Protecting Israel)
The reason we went to war in Iraq is because Saddam military forces was the greatest threat to Israel. Saddam also paid thousands of dollars to Palestine Freedom fighters to go to Israel and blow themselves up and take as many Jewish lives with them as they can. Isn't it just crazy the things people would do to take these people off the face earth. The Jews didn't like that and since they control America and its military, they made the American people believe that Saddam has WMD (a lie just like the holocaust) and bam! War with Iraq. Clearly the US military Its all about protecting Israel. Do not join the Army or the Marines or Navy Seals (note:these are all ground troops.) You will be sent to Iraq or any other Arab country the Jews are planning to invade and your job will be to protect and die for Israel. If you're going to join the US military, you can try the Navy, Air Force, or National Guard. Otherwise, don't join at all. After the Jews get expelled from America then its probably safe to join any Military branch.
They are responsible for bringing Communism. (A crappy goverment that keeps a country from progressing.)
They are responsible for wrecking Russia which was once a world power its now a Third World country. The Jewish plan was easy: Start a Russian revolution. (Just about every Russian revolutionists was a Jew.) Then, if the revolution succeeds bring Communism. Now Russia has the highest suicide rate in the world. Results = More Whites dead.
They are responsible for wrecking Mexico which was a safe place to live 20 years ago. It's now infested with gangs and Jewish destruction. The Jewish plan was simple: Find a way to get the first generations of Mexicans living in the US who would later be Mexico's future doctors,lawyers,politicians,diplomats, etc and brainwash them and turn them into gangs, drug dealers, and other Jewish filth thus fucking up the Mexican economy and getting its natives to cross the US border and brainwash them into rebelling against the Whites. They are doing the same plans with other foreigners.
They are responsible for bringing so much pornography to the world. They control the porn industry and are trying to corrupt and destroy Christian morals with filthy porn. Got a lot of filthy porn spam mail in your inbox? Thank the Jews.
They are responsible for killing Jesus. What some knew him as a prophet but many know as the Son of God.
They are responsible for bringing so many African slaves to the New World. During the Slave Trade, most merchants were Jews, even many captains of the slave ships were Jews. They brought as many Africans as they could. This is why there is so many Negroes in America and other parts of New World. The Jews knew that one day they will become a major problem to the Whites.
They are responsible for making the negroes in America: The violent living things they are today. They are the reason the negroes are now called "African-Americans". People who were once called Colored people, Then Negroes, Then African-Americans. WTF? How did they do it?

In 1909, W.E.B. DuBois, jew Julius Rosenthal, jew Lillian Wald, Rabbi Emil G. Hirsch, jew Stephen Wise and jew
Henry Malkewitz formed the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Jews created NAACP and other black organizations.
Then, they agitated the Negroes to get their civil rights which would eventually give them full rights and stop segregation. Thanks to the Jews the negroes are now freed.
After the negroes were freed, the Jews stabbed them in the back by introducing them to Hip Hop/Rap music.
Why? Well, Africans have the smallest brain size of any race and have the highest levels of testosterone thus making them the most violent of all races. The Jews knew these facts and exploited them. They asked themselves, "Ok now that I got the Negroes freed, now How can I take the jungle out of the Negro in a White civilization and get them to rebel,rape,hate and kill Whites and the foreigners who would later come thus screwing up society and the world? Well, through Music! (Extremely Violent and sexually explicit music) And the Jews have triumphed. Clearly the Negroes with their innate savagery and the Jews with their intellectual evil intentions are the world's parasites.
So you can thank the Jews for making American blacks who were once "good" people when America was under White rule, the monkey EXCREMENT they are today.
Another fact: 60 years ago America was under White rule and was a safe place to live. Now, America under Jewish rule is the most hated country in the world. It is not a safe place to live anymore as it was 60 years ago.
Jews are also responsible for World War 1 and World War 2. The two wars that killed thousands of generations of Whites. Results = Millions of Whites dead.
The reason Jews want to exterminate the White race (Europeans) is because Whites have larger brains than the Jew. In fact, Europeans have the second largest brain size of all races. Making the Whites (Rulers of the World.) A position the Jews desperately want and the only way to get it is to destroy the Rulers of the World themselves (The White race.)
Jews are the perfect enemy. Why? Because the great majority of them never change their evil nature and because the majority look like Whites. They go to White nations. Change their Jewish names into White names depending on the country and language. Act as Whites and hell even passed on as Whites. This is how they go undetected and get skyhigh positions.
The Jews also control the media (TV,news,mags,newspapers,radios, Holywood, even the porn industry and Walt Disney) and one of their main plans against America and the world is to brainwash the youth (especially White and foreign youth) to get into gangs, fights, drugs, and miscegenation (race-mixing with Negroes) thus screwing the world into their New Jewish World Order. A world of hatred,filthy pornography,gangs,drugs,race-mixing and everything filthy but they must eradicate all Whites first before this Jewish Satanic master plan fully takes place.
Would you like to live in a world control by Jews? A world marred by corruption and violence. Or a world controlled by Whites? A much saner and more secure place where everyone can live in peace.
You have to ask yourself , If you were in Hitler's situation, would you not be tempted to rid the world of scum? Of course you would. Hitler simply did what 80% of us would naturally do -- try to live in a better place!
The good news is that there are people working very hard to stop these diabolical people from taking over the world. The big danger is that the Jews (this lunatic people) bring us into World War 3 and take us all with them.
:"Hey man, you got any room in your kiln?
"My gas chamber is all blocked up with skullcaps."
"Sorry man, I torched a synagogue this morning and I have a Rabbi to roast"
by Telling the Truth to the World April 09, 2006

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