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A computerized game that is played on a screen. If it weren't for these things, most young guys in America would spend a lot more time masturbating.
I needed an escape from my real-life problems, so I turned on my wii and played video games for awhile.
by Teh goods November 08, 2009

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When a computer runs slowly. A common and unfair cause of death in MMOs such as WoW.
"RM me noob! If it weren't for that lag I would have kicked A$$!"
by Teh Goods November 26, 2009

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The next level of trolling.
Someone who trolls on the internet literally all the time.
"That orc is spewing hate comments on these vids 24/7!"
by Teh Goods November 26, 2009

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Someone who plays world of warcraft (WoW) and signs onto less evolved MMO's (which they probably played before they started WoW) such as RuneScape and spamming the obvious news that there is a more exciting game out there.
"Let's report that wow mormon for spamming."
by Teh goods November 06, 2009

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A very nasty toilet that usually has noticeable piss stains and smells bad even though it has been flushed.
"Throw some Mr. Clean in that rust bucket!"
by teh goods November 07, 2009

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