4 definitions by Taylorgangordie

When you text, snapchat, dm, inbox, etc. someone and you wait a little for them to answer. And you see they opened or read the message and they don't answer for a while or even at all.
Guy: "Yo that girl got me left on read"... *sigh*
Guys Friend: "Damn bro move on already" lmao
by Taylorgangordie March 26, 2018
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to make fun of someone, or to show approval for something
A) We were cuttin' up on that retard at the party.
B) Did you go to that party last night, it was cut up.
by Taylorgangordie August 19, 2010
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After a blow job the act of a girl throwing up the cum.
Dan: Gosh man Jill sucked my dick so good last night but then had an up fuck of my cum
Jimmy: Damn
by Taylorgangordie November 29, 2012
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