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Basically, an owl neck detection device is a device needed to determine where an owl's neck is. It is used when babysitting an owl, when it comes to tucking the owl into its bed. It is needed after you have put the pyjamas on the owl and made it lose its mind (owls are nocturnal- I'm wearing pyjamas but I've got to go out!).

An owl is essentially a one piece unit, its just a head and a body. Therefore a neck detection device is very handy on determining where the blanket needs to be pulled up to.
The neck detection device is essentially just a stick with a pointy thing on it, you put it next to the owl and it points to the neck and you pull the blanket up to that point and remove the device and tip the owl back. Sorted.
"Never put a blanket over an owl. Unless of course you're babysitting an owl and it wants tucking in. In which case, its fine."
"Can you tuck me in please?"
"But I'm never supposed to put a blanket over an owl."
"I'm ever so chilly. Can you tuck me in please, I'm ver-ver chilly"
"Alright just this once but its breaking all the rules.

"Is that it?"
"Its still not high enough"
"What about that?"
"It doesnt even cover my owl boobs!"
"Well how about that?"
"What are you doing?! You trying to kill me you mad bastard? You nearly suffocated me!"
"I don't know where your neck is do I!"
"Well you could have asked! Or at least use an owl neck detection device!"
by Tatie Shploud April 13, 2009
A hybrid cross between a badger (female) and a wombat (male).
The offspring have four legs and are quite short and stout. They dig burrows and can live anywhere that has food. They eat small rodents, maybe weasels. They have short but flat noses and have two small ears. They are black in colour with white markings on their faces. Not to be confused with a womblebadger which sometimes wears a tartan outfit and lives on Wimbledon Common.
"Oh god look at that badger!"
"Noo! That's a wombadger, a hybrid cross!"
"So a womble and a badger?"
"No! A wombat and a badger! Voila, a WOMBADGER!"
by Tatie Shploud April 27, 2009