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The most annoying motherfuckers in the game Escape from Tarkov. They are almost bullet-proof, often found in groups and they will kill you with shitty MP-5 from 50m distance with headshot.
>shoots scavs in the head with AKM
>scav doesnt die
>scav shoots me in the chest with kedr
>instantly dies

fuck this game imma head out
by Tarkov Escaper October 14, 2019
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A video game that will make you lose your life.
Escape from Tarkov (EfT for short) is the most realistic and hardcore survival FPS right now. Developed and Published by Russian company Battlestate Games.

If you die, you'll lose everything you have equipped. So you play in constant fear of getting killed by enemies.

The environment and maps are highly detailed that they look like almost real life locations.
Guns have realistic and highly detailed models, reloading animations and sounds. Also it has satisfying eating and drinking animations.
"Escape from Tarkov and Insurgency Firestorm are the pinnacle of first person shooter games."
by Tarkov Escaper October 14, 2019
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A name given to fans of norwegian untalented and overrated artist alan walker. Alan Walker calls his fans "Walkers". In 2015, alan walker released a song named "Faded" , which is a recycled version of "Fade". Faded became a hit in short time and alan walker gained tons of new fans. Then, the walkers were formed.

According to walkers, alan walker is the best dj in the world. That's because most of them have never listened and experienced real electronic music which is better than alan walker's generic pop trash. Walkers are perfect example of hypocrisy. Walkers are desperate to suck alan walker's cock because alan walker became very famous. Actually, most of his fans are just normies and sheeps who only listen to mainstream trash, and consider famous songs are only the best. They don't even know difference between Fade and Faded.
Dumbass: "Walkers join!! alan walker is the best dj like if you agree"
by Tarkov Escaper October 19, 2018
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