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Proper noun refering to an oversized penis.
Omg! Your not putting that Heath inside me. What kind of a slut do you think I am?
by Tall Dude 1981 June 09, 2015

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Term used to describe a guys dick after he's been kicked in the crotch Hy a horse or oarge animal.
Ouch he got an urb dick now.

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Samantha Nelson is the one who makes my heart stop and the one who makes it start beating again. Shes not the air i breathe. Shes the reason i keep breathing. I love her the way a flower loves the sunshine. Because of the sunshine the flower can grow and thrive.
Samantha Nelson is simply amazing and beautiful.
by Tall Dude 1981 May 07, 2018

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The art of motorboating a woman's ànusbwhile squeezing her butt cheeks firmly against your face , all while making the motorboat sound buwuwuwbueuw.
She bent over and ass crackered my face. It was awesome.

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One who takes a womans anal virginity.
Yeah it was her first time doing anal, I was her ass cracker.

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