18 definition by Taino boy

Dominican for a panic attack, generally after being told a very bad news.
A Altagracia le diĆ³ un bioco cuando supo que su hija estaba embarazada.
Altagracia had a bioco when she knew that her daughter was pregnant.
by Taino boy December 12, 2003

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In puertorican slang it denotes a person who thinks he/she is rich and aristocratic and looks down at others.
Rosa no quizo bailar conmigo, se cree que es una come mierda.
by Taino Boy March 30, 2004

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A perky nipple.
Se le nota el peson.

You can see her peson.
by Taino boy December 12, 2003

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The act of attaining sexual intercourse from behind, as in doggy style. Also when a guy passes behind a nice girl with a big ass and "accidentally" bumps his penis on her ass. Mostly done by PR's.
Did you see the chino that Ramon gave to Sharday as he was going out the door?
by Taino Boy March 05, 2005

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