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Any and everything that even remotely resembles a complaint in the eyes of those who simply can't and/or shan't be bothered.
Child: I gave it a lot of thought this morning and I was wondering if I could have a cookie for breakfast, even if just this once.

by TS Emmaraye May 26, 2015

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Aptly named, the area from which a whambulence is dispatched/the target return destination thereafter, the whambulence in itself to be called upon one's usually unwarranted emotional breakdown.

Like the A's in whambulance, the W in bawwspital can be generously replicated to suggest emphasis.
You go on and ride the whambulance if you want; instead of making a scene of my own, I'll just confide in a friend or whatever - my own private ride to the bawwspital.
by TS Emmaraye December 08, 2010

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