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Comes from Syria and is the definition of Lot 6.
Person 1: anyone have eyes on joe gindi?
Person 2: yeah I just saw him over in the lot
Person 1: which lot?
Person 2: 6
by TNX June 2, 2022
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A sex move made popular by gay couples, when one male ejaculates onto anouther males face (or any body part that contains hair) then proceding to shave with a razor. The males semen replaces the famous Gillette shaving creame, Hence the name Gillette.
"Damn I ran out of shaving creame....hey Mike can you give me a Gillette."
by TNX January 12, 2007
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a word used for literally any context at any time for any reason (must be said in a sarcastic/excited way but may be said otherwise for extenuating circumstances)
person 1: Tamar, get that cat off of you!
person 2: TNX!

person 1: Ilan and Elana will be having the wedding ceremony as soon as covid-19 calms down!
the crowd: TNX!
by TNX October 13, 2020
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