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The best word ever it is used to show what something is. THSI originated from the word “this”
THSI is so cool
by THSI May 17, 2020
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For males: Sticking you penis in a cheese grater, and thrusting it repeatedly. After this, you rub the resulting injury between two pieces of bread. Eat the resulting meal.
For females: Rubbing a cheese grater against your vagina repeatedly. After this, rub the resulting injury on a piece of bread. Eat the resulting meal.
For partners: Take the cheese grater in you hand, and if your partner is a male, rub the cheese grater against his penis and then rub the injury between two pieces of bread. If your partner is a female, rub the cheese grater against her vagina, and then place a piece of bread in the resulting injury. You may share the resulting meal.

For the real kinksters: The male should put his penis in side the cheese grater and thrusts as far as he can inside inside the female. Then, put a piece of bread between you mangled penis and get shredded vagina
(Cheese may be used, but not required.)
Me and Betty enjoyed a nice Crimson Grilled Cheese.
Man, I’m completely drained after that Crimson Grilled Cheese
by THSI January 25, 2022
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The mass , deliberate killing of homosexuals, for pleasure and enjoyment.
Putin was recently arrested for his homocidal tendencies. Many followers wish to commit homocide.
by THSI May 24, 2022
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