1 definition by Sylvester St. James

1. A person who uses public rail transit systems, underground or elevated, to uncover many hidden features of a city. The standard for this word is the subway system in New York City, by far the most fabled.
2. Any person who goes out publicly, politely eavesdropping, not simply for the sake of gossip, but for the hope of gaining more knowlege of how normally ignored individuals, or groups, live.
1. A subwaysleuth would enjoy the Number 4 IRT train going downtown, elevated above Jerome Ave. in the Bronx, on a mid-afternoon. The trains are bursting with adolescent energy, and they teach us things about what interests youth today in the Bronx, and that which bores them.
2. A subwaysleuth can be found on a park bench in the Ramble of Central Park, observing early morning birdwathcers with highy expensive binoculars. The patient subwaysleuth enjoys the admixture that eventually replaces the birders: male homosexuals looking for quick affirmations on their way to work. Nighttime sleuths get the real scoop!
by Sylvester St. James March 21, 2006
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