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The greatest genre of music ever, It started around 1965-66, but it might have even started earlier.Punk is a style of music that is smarter then other genres like pop and other crap.Good punk bands are:Bad Religion, Minor Threat(Its hardcore), Dead Kennedys, The Replacements(Indipendant), The Jam, Nine Below Zero, Descendants, Iggy and the stooges, Misfits, The Damned, Nirvana, Me First and the gimme gimmes, and many others from the 70's-80's.

Posuer punk bands are:Green day, Good charlotte, Puffy(Even though i like them), Blink 182, Sum 41 and any other music you might find on the Radio.

((PS:The only good pop band is XTC, And they're from the 70's.))
Punk Rock Nowadays, is just a gimmic to get people to buy crappy merchandise like hats, shirts and shit.

Punk Rock Was better in the 70's, 80's and early 90's. These days, It sucks.
by Sweet AKIRA dude! August 14, 2005
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The suckiest show of all time, its about a dude who has a split personality and plays a stupid cardgame to save the world all the time, he always seems to win, even if he has no chance at all. Its also what yugi shouts when he becomes his split personality...
1.Dude, I so kicked that guys ass in out yugioh duel.

2.YU-GI-OH!!*becomes taller and dumber*
by Sweet AKIRA dude! August 14, 2005
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