3 definitions by Supergirl 83

When an overweight girl wears a bra 3 sizes too small to push her fatty breasts up to Make them look desiarable.
Kayla looked so disgusting with her jubblies showing tonight. I almost threw up in my mouth
by Supergirl 83 May 05, 2018
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The time of deep preparation and chaos for those who unfortunately live in the "path of totality " Of the great eclipse. Their town is swarmed with science nerds who interrupt the daily schedules and ability to get to work and buy items that are needed from the grocery store.
I was 30 minutes late to work today because of the apoceclipse.
by Supergirl 83 August 17, 2017
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"I've got cancer in this bitch will you please cut this tit off of me" #titoffofme
by Supergirl 83 February 03, 2019
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