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An offensive formation, generally found in a nightclub or bar, in which three or more cougars strategically position themselves in close proximity to their unsuspecting prey. Derived from the offensive formation used in football.
Zach: Hey bro. Check out your 6 o'clock. Wildcat formation in progress.

Morris: Good eye buddy. Let's order these kitties a saucer of milk.
by super adam October 27, 2009
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A word or phrase used in a text message that implies something of the sexual nature. This message generally has a double meaning. Thus, if the recipient reacts negatively to the inuendo, the sender will generally claim that the recipient misinterpreted the meaning of the message.
(sent in a text message)
Dick: hey girl my roommate's gone for the weekend. how bout you come over so i can show you my landscaping?

Jane: was that textual inuendo?

Dick: textual inuendo? lol. no way... that is unless you want it to be...
by super adam March 17, 2009
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A seemingly permanent sunglass-shaped tan line outlining one's optical region. Caused by dangerously high levels of ultraviolet exposure. Commonly found on the faces of bronze beach babes and metrosexual males.
Dude 1: What happened to your boy's face? Did he fall asleep at the beach?
Dude 2: Nah. He just picked up a new pair of permashades at the tanning salon.
Dude 1: He's so metro.
by super adam January 15, 2010
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