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Andres is a person that is cool and nice and has a lot of friend and always gets a long with everyone and very Athletic and likes to be active and very funny
Hey you know Andres
by Super Dad February 8, 2020
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A dad who constantly has to stop his kids from wrestling, fighting, argueing, ect. Set the rules, rewards, and punishments.
one kid hits another, now that one wants to get even. so on, and so on. daddy the ref must lay down the law.. the referee dad.
by Super Dad September 17, 2013
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A small village in the South of Wales. Known for it day laborers who would work from the first light of day until the sun waned in the Western sky. As the day would expire the workers would line the streets with cots in order to be first in line to be selected for the next days work.

To "Wainscot" it to be without permanent employment going from one job to another. Typical pay is handled "under the table".
Are those guys Wainscoting it or are they just homeless?
by Super Dad August 1, 2011
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