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A man from the year 2098 who was much different than the rest of the people at that time, for he was only 3' tall. Everyone else in the world was at the shortest about 5' 2". This troubled Hector cause he was always picked on and people would throw him around much like a football. It being the year 2098, time travel had already been invented about 23 years ago. Hector thought about using time travel to change history so that there would be more short people like him. After acquiring the means to travel through time (which cost him $18.75 on Ebay), Hector travelled back in time many times, but was always thwarted in his attempt to make more short people. After many attempts Hector finally travelled back to the Primordial Soup. The goo that started all life sat before him. Sitting and pondering what to do to change history, Hector came up with the grandest of schemes. "Ah ha!", said Hector. "I will contaminate this ooze with my own ooze.", Hector shouted with glee. After an intense one and a half minutes of self gratification (Everything is shorter for midgets), he dumped his load into the soup causing a mass fusion of his "little" genes into the normal genes. After many eons of Evolution, thanks to Hector's deeds, we have been blessed with many small creatures. This is how the Pterodactyl became the chicken. Its how the shark became the goldfish. Its also how we got actors like Verne Troyer. No one knows what happened to Hector. My thoughts are that since he fucked with the timeline he never came to be. Poor, poor Hector. All this to make a friend and he never even existed. The moral of the story, I guess, is to not throw hair dryers into the bathtub.
Dude 1: "Man I hate that show Little People Big World. Who the hell came up with that shit?"

Dude 2: "Its all made possible because of Hector The Time Travelling Midget."

Dude 1: "Damn you Hector, damn you."
by Supa' Dub T June 29, 2008

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sparky magnum is a legendary rat terrier that packs a 357 magnum.sparky magnum is crazy. i looked at him funny and he capped me in the ass. in fear for my life i went to the nearest wall mart to get shit to close the woound.
sparky magnum is one mean dog.he shoots and smiles.
by Supa' Dub T June 29, 2008

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The main man. Usually works first shift and does nothing but sit at his desk. Always complains about working on his floors. Never comes in on time and bitches about how hard it is to get dressed and come to work. Also talks with a nasaly voice and is always in search of Coke.
"There he is again. Little bitch taking a nap at his desk making me do all the work. Thats why he's the Molding Hero."
by Supa' Dub T June 26, 2008

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Smashing a chick in the head with a brick so you can rape her unconscious body.
"Jim, the baker, couldn't get laid so he had to resort to Rape Brick to get some ass."
by Supa' Dub T August 25, 2008

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One who cannot pronounce thier "R's". Instead they sound like "W's". Also seems to have ADHD and sniffin'. Smells like B-dissy (Booty, dick, and the pussy). Don't sit on his lucky sock cause you might get pregnant or the AIDS Eye.
"Cwack Wock is fow suckas' and Skaifes."
by Supa' Dub T June 29, 2008

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A frozen terd used for sex. Also see Pirate Dildo.
After T Unit got done playing their show, they all fucked each other with Sex Turds.
by Supa' Dub T July 10, 2008

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When a crazy satanic Christmas Critters bear with AIDS rips your eye out of the socket and pees inside of your skull.
Guy 1: "Whats up with the eye patch?"

AIDS victim: "Some crazy bear gave me the AIDS Eye."

Guy 1: "Ouch!"
by Supa' Dub T June 29, 2008

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