5 definitions by Sucks Dick

One of the hottest guys my eyes were ever blessed with seeing. Next to his hypnotizing eyes and strong bone structured face, he has a GREAT body to go along with it. Known for playing as Aiden, the jock with a heart, on The-N's South of Nowhere
Matt Cohen should definitely give me a call. I would suck his dick so hard the sheets would be riding up his ass.
by Sucks Dick April 12, 2007
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Soon to be a world reknown rapper, under the alias "Drake"(his middle name), he's the only person on Degrassi with undeniable sex appeal. He has a swag like no other nigga and raps only the truth about his life.
(True story) Aubrey Graham once told his friend on myspace about how a girl gave him head right on the spot. That was the luckiest bitch to ever live!
by Sucks Dick April 12, 2007
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A very sexy guy who appeared on The Real World: Austin. He won me over from the first look, although he's a little known for getting his face damn near broken by a gang fight.
Danny Jamieson, call me and I'd suck your dick so hard you'll be seeing pink for weeks.
by Sucks Dick April 02, 2007
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One of the sexiest and cutest guys to ever appear on The Real World. He is known to be cocky but seeing how he won Real World/Road Rules Challenge, you can't blame him.
Johanna is a lucky bitch!!! Pass him to me and I'll suck his dick so hard his balls would turn inside out! Wes Bergmann the man!
by Sucks Dick April 02, 2007
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T.I. is probably one of the few rappers in the game who keep it real and look real good too. People know he's serious when he walks the streets and all the hoes know he's horny when he approaches them. Plus, he looks better than almost all the rappers out there!
If I gave T.I. some brain, I'd suck his dick good he'll have a new definiton to "Dirty South".
by Sucks Dick June 30, 2007
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