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Someone who doesn't have the guts to be a full vegetarian but will eat meat once or twice a week. Will still lecture you on the evils of eating meat though.
Laura: I'm a semitarian, I basically just eat vegetables and tofu now, it's so much healthier.

Dave: But don't you have a steak once a week and chicken on Tuesdays?

Laura: Semitarians are allowed that, which is still better than you and your rampant lust for meat.
by StewieG Wannabe January 28, 2010

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A fervent popular activist. Someone who gets very animated and active over fashionable causes such as the political prisoner du jour, climate change, Darfur or whatever is fashionable to be outraged about. Heart in the right place, and will tell you all about it whether or not you want to hear it.
How's Jessica?
Usual, gave me on Darfur when she dropped off some low-energy light bulbs as a gift.
She's such a passionista.
by StewieG Wannabe April 19, 2009

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Any discontinuity in normal life arising from volcanic eruptions.
All regular news has been suspended, we will stay with this story no matter how long or tedious it is. We apologise for this int'eruption.
by StewieG wannabe April 20, 2010

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