6 definitions by Steve jobs

Dan will be a poor mentor because he lacks the ability to effectively MentateVerb his mentees on anything other than back of house
by Steve jobs July 2, 2012
Used in the U.S. as a statment for prefference.
Uses in a lazy-speech as a combination of the words "I would rather."
If I had my druther's, I would still be in bed.
by Steve jobs May 27, 2003
Individual who riducules users of alternative computer platforms, such as Linux and MacOS.

Tell that wintroll to go finish giving head to Bill before he comes back in here!
by Steve jobs January 8, 2003
To secretly release a fart in an elevator or any enclosed space.
I pulled a stinky-pete on my way up to the fifth floor.

Whoever is the stinky-pete had better cut it out, this is a new car.
by Steve jobs May 27, 2003
A member of one's social group that recently done something really stupid.
That knuckle-head Fred told me he feed his dog chili again.
by Steve jobs May 27, 2003
WinMacLin - A person who actively uses Windows Macintosh & Linux operating systems.
I'm A WinMacLin
He is a WinMacLin
We are WinMacLins
by Steve jobs April 12, 2005