2 definitions by Sted Zarhden

The area on a male African between his scrotum and the anus.

AKA: Nigga Gooch
Tyrone: Yo i was cleaning my nooch today and found some left over fried chicken.
Oscar: Oh word son, lemme eat that with my watermelon
by Sted Zarhden February 06, 2011
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The act inhaling smoke then proceeding to give oral sex to an individual, blowing all of your smokey goodness on your partners genitalia.
Bart: Yo george, my girl gave me a smoke down last night
George: Whats a smokedown?
Bart: My bish gave me dome while blowin smoke on my chode
George: Oh damn dog
Bart: Yea it was good, but i woke up today with an ash-stained dick
by Sted Zarhden February 06, 2011
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