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Neo Nazi's are people who hold the beliefs and values of Nazi's in Germany during the Third Reich/Nazi Germany back in 1933-1945. But anyone who is not German or who is especially an American is a complete moron if they say they are a Neo Nazi. Hitler was the enemy of the Americans. We lost many men on our side because of him and the Nazis. Obviously Neo Nazi's do not know anything about World War 2. Eisenhower ,our leader was shocked and cried at the sight of the death camps and made sure it got to the public and had memorials designed to remember the Holocaust victims and we blew up Many statues with the Nazi symbol (swastika) on it. So therefore any American who claims to be Nazi is a traitor and in dire need of a history lesson.
Hey man I am a Neo Nazi now!( His Friend then says): You idiot we fought the Nazis and millions of people on our side died because of the Nazis and Hitler. If you lived back then, then you were at war fighting against the Nazis you stupid idiot.
by Starr James June 25, 2009

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