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The coolest cat I have ever seen she likes lattes and being a savage lil moop for life and Anna spencer loves her
Person 1: hey have you seen my chapstick?
Person 2: Emma chamberlain probs took it because she is a fracking savage
by Spinmyfidget January 04, 2018

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The most godly creation ever to be blessed on this earth. Do you find yourself lonely or craving something to, I don’t know, fidget. Fidgeting is a talent only few possess. There like tiny ceiling fans for your anxiety.
Guy one: hey bro, look at Tracy over there. I heard she’s a pro fidget spinner.

Guy two: bro, after I started spinning, I couldn’t go back.
Guy one: bro.
Guy two: bro. ( defiantly )
by Spinmyfidget December 27, 2017

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