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slang term for anytime your in trouble and dont know wat to say.
son you crashed the car into a mexican you reply with scoopie scoopie!!!
honey you forgot to wear a condom you reply with scoopie???
by spencer s December 22, 2006

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when your fucking a girl and you cut off her head, then she flops around like a dolphin and you laugh.
i was bangin this hoodrat and i gave her a flopping dolphin
by spencer s June 22, 2006

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when you cum inside an apple and you give it to your girlfreinds mom and watch her eat it
this bitch was givin me lip so i gave her the apple crumbler
by spencer s August 07, 2006

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after your done doing (DPDA- double penetration double anal) you tie your gurl to the railroad tracks and let a train hit her.
yo i was bangin your sister and i gave her the mel gibson, then a short while after i gave her a pirates plunge
by spencer s June 23, 2006

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when you take ur gurl to the ocean and she starts to blow you take it out her mouth and poke her in the eye. then she has to wear an eye patch.
"yo i brought this skank to the beach and gave her a pirates plunge"
by spencer s August 07, 2006

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