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A Person: male or female; usually a roommate, considered by most to be a prick and or asshole; also stuck up bitch will suffice. Said person thinks He or She is God's gift to humanity, but in reality they're everyone's least favorite friend that they can't get rid of because they have too much heart to let this person go. In part for how much calamity they ensue on their otherwise boring life.
"He eats my eggs, he drinks my milk, I don't think he's bought toilet paper in a year, he literally wadded some toilet paper from the last bar we were at last night, and then he threw up all over the bar and offered to clean it up with the TP he had just pilfered from the bathroom. The guys a God forsaken asstwipe, but I love him to death."
by Soupordope October 16, 2012
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When you ask for a water cup at fastfood and fill it with soda instead, thus getting a soda you didn't pay for.
I didn't have enough for a drink So I pulled an okie doke.
by Soupordope May 06, 2009
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