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People who had a stroke BUT didn't feel that they weren't a "stroke victim" or, "stroke survivor". They wanted to show themselves and the world that they were able to build their muscles and their brain by using brain building exercises, muscles building exercise and they know that their brains' neurons were able of neuroplasticity; just like child, teenagers, adults and elder adults were. The Stroke Warrior' brains' neurons were rerouting their neurontransmissions past dying ones and making a map from new neurons.
Stroke Warrior: Watch this. I can run up their stairs with my bare feet.
Doctor: Uh. That's not possibility!
Stroke Warrior: (runs up the stairs). See?
Doctor: Wha---
by Son of Dionysis January 13, 2019
A Shit Kicker is a badass intellectual autodidact. A shit kicker is curiously finding out what is this schlemiel or organization thought about politic, theology, science and other subjects. and then, the shit kicker served the schlemiel's pronounce up as a logical fallacy. Which it might be.

Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Groucho Marx, Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris, Voltaire, Benjamin Franklin, Ben Shapiro, Matt Dillahunty, Lauren Southern, Louis C. K., George Carlin
Shit kicker, Christopher Hitchens wrote this, "Human decency is not derived from religion. It precedes it."
by Son of Dionysis January 13, 2019